The Art of Reflective Supervision


Jennifer, a talented and dedicated outreach worker is acknowledged for her service with a promotion to a supervisory position. She is honored for the recognition and the increase in salary. However, when she faces the reality of supervising four staff members, she suddenly finds herself in starkly unfamiliar territory. She follows her instincts, applies her own experience to the challenge at hand, but has little support and training on how to be a supervisor that will help her employees be the best they can be. Her director has made her highly aware of the issues with turnover in her agency and she knows that the stakes are high.

Do you resonate with this familiar story? As child and family serving organizations across our state are facing unprecedented challenges with workforce development and retention, supervisors are called to find new and creative ways to increase employee satisfaction and belonging and to embody trauma and DEI responsive care.  Reflective Supervision is a one tool that can build the capacity of supervisors and leaders to create cultures of care that support the connection and well-being of all human service employees.

And now for some great news! In the summer of 2023, with the support of NYS Office of Mental Health and funding from the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Jaydn McCune, LCSW, created a menu of learning opportunities on The Art of Reflective Supervision. These include two self-paced online training modules as well as follow up offerings that include no cost individual one on one coaching and/or participation in one of two learning collaboratives that will begin in 2024.

Participants can access the modules by scrolling down on the resources section of the NYS System of Care Website:  where they will be asked to fill out a brief form to gain access to the learning opportunities.

Learning Collaborative schedules:

Cohort #1: Begins January 18th at 10am, third Thursdays through June

Cohort #2: Begins March 13th at 3:30, second Wednesdays through July

Feel free to contact Jaydn McCune at jm@fromheretothereconsulting with questions or more information.

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