Workforce Wellness Strategies

The series is part of a larger project titled, Creating Cultures of Staff Wellness and Care for our Schools and Community Partners. The videos in the series may be used selectively as independent learning modules in any sequence, or as a cohesive set. The archived webinar from 7/28/21 provides an introduction and overview of the content.

There are seven evidence-based self-care strategies currently most recommended to mitigate the impacts of stress. Each of these reduces stress hormones, enhances neuroplasticity, and reduces inflammation….which all play important roles in counteracting the body’s stress response, and improving health and well-being.

These are the fundamentals to taking care of a human being – to taking care of ourselves and each other. We’ll review the science behind why we can justify taking a few minutes out of the day to care for our basic human needs and think of the grandmothers whose wise practical advice has been the source of good care for generations. Overall, the learning objectives are for participants to: • Understand science behind practices that support human health and wellbeing. • Learn strategies to support the health and wellbeing of yourself and your colleagues. • Understand the value of caring for basic human needs, individually and collectively.

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