Wilson Foundation Trauma Informed Organizations Implementation Roadmap

Engaging in significant organizational transformation is an endeavor that is both exciting and daunting. It is a time when professionals and systems may feel vulnerable while opening themselves up to opportunities for growth and improvement.

This commitment to create trauma informed organizations began in 2017 with the formation of the Wilson Foundation’s Trauma-Informed Care Learning Collaborative. In continuation of this work into 2021, fourteen Rochester area community-based organizations came together, over the course of many months, for learning, discussion, goal setting, sharing of ideas, and celebrating successes in their journey to becoming trauma informed. There was significant knowledge gained and organizational growth to honor!

As a result, this Trauma Informed Organizations Implementation Roadmap has been developed to continue the forward momentum, supporting organizations to sustain this work while overcoming systemic barriers.

Info Session Recording: https://vimeo.com/818409730/4288c9912d 

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