Trauma Resources from the New York Office of School Health, School Mental Health Program


  • Safe Supportive Learning-Trauma sensitive schools training package
  • NCTSN Educator Resources
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools-A whole-school approach to helping traumatized children learn
  • CTAC’s Trauma Sensitive School Series-Trauma-informed care (TIC) model and roadmap.
  • Supporting Trauma-Aware School Systems-Resources for educators and mental health professionals
  • Trauma and Grief-The Cure Violence Model
  • How to Apply a “Complex Trauma” Lens-Strategies and interventions to support youth
  • ThriveNYC Learning Center-Video, resources and information about trauma
  • Building Trauma Sensitive Schools-Resources and checklist
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools-Learning modules for preparing students
  • Elemententary School Resources-Supporting children who have experienced trauma
  • Alarm vs. Purpose, Key Points and Triggers

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