Trauma Informed Principles through a Culturally Specific Lens



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This document attempts to define the core principles of trauma informed work through a culturally specific analysis. The content of this resource is primarily intended for culturally specific, community- based organizations and seeks to provide practitioners with accessible language to describe the trauma informed/culturally specific overlap of their work. In our experience at Casa de Esperanza (National Latin@ Network), as a national technical assistance provider, we come in contact with many culturally specific organizations that actively implement trauma informed approaches into their daily work but may not identify them as such. This document is an effort to uplift their collective knowledge and commitment to actively resist re-traumatization, foster inclusivity, and promote social justice.

The document first begins by exploring relevant definitions in the context of trauma informed work and gender based violence. Through specific examples and tips to organizations, we also highlight core principles that apply to working in a trauma informed and culturally specific manner. We conclude by providing a practice scenario and questions to help organizations think through their capacity, philosophy, and commitment to trauma informed and culturally specific approaches.


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