NYS TINRC Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tool 2.0 (TRUST 2.0) Webinar

Webinar to learn more about the TRUST 2.0 (Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tool 2.0), a strengths-based organizational self-assessment tool that provides organizations with a point in time “snapshot” of where they are in their journey towards becoming an equity-focused, trauma-informed organization. The tool employs the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 10 Implementation Domains as a framework for guiding survey participants through a sequence of questions to assess implementation of trauma-informed care practices within their organization. The TRUST 2.0 allows organizations to view aggregated survey results from their leadership and staff and display these results within a concise, real-time report along with recommendations for bolstering Trauma-Informed Care practices. A revised version of the original TRUST, the TRUST 2.0 was revised by CCSI through support from the New York State Office of Mental Health to enhance an equity-focused lens and adapt the tool to meet the needs of both direct service and non-direct service providers and organizations and was piloted with four organizations. The TRUST 2.0 is being launched in June along with the new TRUST website! 

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