Necessary Conversations: Understanding racism as a barrier to achieving health equity

Real change requires tough conversations and new types of action.Workplaces throughout the nation are making commitments to racial equity. Like the Civil Rights era, we may see some progress in the coming years—but as long as that progress sits on top of the same structural problems that give more advantage to some based on skin color, it’s not real change.

Necessary Conversations is a new book that calls for honest, difficult, and urgent dialogue about race in our communities. We need to talk about how we got here, and what is possible when we embrace new strategies to create a better, healthier, more equitable future.

With over 50 contributors stemming from the sciences, to the humanities, to the front lines of social justice organizations, this book offers nuanced perspectives on what it means to truly usher in change. It models the conversations that need to take place locally, regionally, and nationally. Download your free copy of Necessary Conversations.

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