What does IGNITE do?

We provide: Advocacy Services Crisis Intervention Medical and Hospital Advocacy Legal Advocacy Accompaniment: Go with you to the hospital, court, making police contacts, finding shelter Provide basic items, including shampoo, soap, and other needs

Information & Referrals, Counseling & Education Support Education and Empowerment Sessions Individual Counseling Sessions Individual Art Therapy Sessions Survivors Art Circles: Healing Through Art

Community Education & Engagement Programs Community Education Community Art Workshops and Art Exhibits Community Engagement Trainings

Deaf-centered Domestic Violence (DV) and Sexual Assault (SA) Domestic Violence (DV) Sexual Assault (SA) Dating Violence Stalking Red Flags in Abusive Relationships Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Friendships, and Boundaries Consent Deaf Community Accountability and Coordinated Community Responses – How to recognize and respond to DV/SA, support Survivors, and hold Abusers accountable Systems Issues and Advocacy Safety-Planning

Deaf People, Deaf Culture, Deaf Community Deaf People and Deaf Culture Accessibility for Deaf Survivors Securing and Working with Sign Language Interpreters and Deaf Interpreters Legal, Medical, and Crisis Situations VideoPhone situations Consultation/Training for Hearing Service Providers/Professionals Deaf Community Accountability Outreach to the Deaf Community Strategies for Maintaining Confidentiality in the Deaf Community (Managing Small Community Issues) Diversity in the Deaf Community Collaboration and Co-Advocacy between Deaf and Hearing Organizations