Nassau County Office of Crime Victim Advocate

The Office of Crime Victim Advocate (OCVA) was created to ensure that victims of crime and witnesses to crime in Nassau County are afforded all the legal rights, protections and assistance they are entitled to under the law. The Office of Crime Victim Advocate is committed to treating victims and witnesses with dignity, fairness, and respect.

Our services are available to ALL victims and witnesses regardless of race, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age. We have interpreter services available for hundreds of languages, including American Sign Language. All services are free of charge.

The Office of Crime Victim Advocate will:

Provide legal assistance to victims and witnesses of crime who are served with judicial orders to show cause by criminal defendants or their representatives to gain access to their home or place of business;

Provide legal assistance with any victim compensation applications;

Provide legal assistance to any victim or witness with regards to any legal action related to New York Criminal Procedure Law Chapter 245;

Provide information on victim’s and witness’s legal rights and protections with regards to criminal process; and

Assist victims to submit comments to courts and parole boards.

Nassau County is committed to helping survivors rebuild their lives and understands that victims have both short- term and long-term needs in the aftermath of a crime. The Office of Crime Victim Advocate is prepared to assist victims in connecting to other agencies that can provide additional services and resources such as housing, counseling and treatment.

Populations of Focus: