Family Mental Health Programming at the Mental Health Association in New York State

MHANYS CarePath™ is a non-clinical program designed to support teenagers and adults who experience behavioral health challenges. This is achieved by training certified coaches who work with individuals in recovery and their families or chosen supporters over a three month period. MHANYS CarePath™ Program assists individuals and their families or identified supporters in developing a comprehensive strategy called a CarePath™. This innovative program strengthens the overall health and well-being of individuals and their families’ transition from any type of treatment setting or families simply interested in achieving better overall health and a sense of well-being. It supports healthy reconnections amongst family, friends, and within the community, be it – job, school, or other associations.

Available across New York State, Mental Health Community Partners (MHCP) project supports adults & youth aged 12+ in their transition from unwell to well. Whether you are in need of support or want to provide support, we are here to help. By being a Partner Site, an organization becomes a part of the solution for leveraging community support. In addition, their staff benefits from certification and recertification at no cost.

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