Exhale to Inhale

Using the tools of mindfulness, yoga movement, and breathing, Exhale to Inhale has developed an innovative, effective, and research-based methodology. Our methodology is self-empowering and provides survivors with the resources necessary to reconnect with their bodies, calm their nervous systems, and decrease levels of stress. Most importantly, once experienced, our methodology can be used anywhere and at any time. Exhale to Inhale’s trauma-informed methodology is rooted in safety, simplicity, and choice-based philosophy. We offer classes for survivors, partner agency staff, and the community at large. We also train teachers, leaders, and counselors to lead in a trauma-informed way. Learn more about our programs below. Our Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes create opportunities for survivors to create new pathways to healing through our partner organizations and in the community. Our Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings create opportunities to expand the global network of trauma-informed professionals as we share new resources for supporting survivors

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