Child Advocacy Center of Putnam County

The CAC provides a child-friendly setting, putting the child and family at ease while coordinating the essential services of forensic interviews, medical evaluations, mental health assessments and victim support and advocacy. The CAC is deeply committed to serving child victims with sensitivity, understanding, competence and compassion. All cases of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and domestic violence involving or witnessed by children are investigated by the CAC’s specially trained multidisciplinary team. Although team members come from various disciplines, the team has one goal: to reduce the trauma to child victims and their families by providing a coordinated response to abuse allegations.

Awareness and prevention education may be the most effective means of protecting children and preventing child abuse. The CAC’s programming focuses on innovative initiatives and partnerships with local agencies to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of the children of Putnam County.

Populations of Focus:

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