CheyWind Center for Trauma and Healing

At CheyWind Center for Trauma and Healing, Dr. Kathleen carterMartinez, is a Trauma and Crisis of Suicide specialist. Dr. Kc advocates for changing the climate of the culture from the social construct of 'Suicide' to the integrated concept of the 'Crisis of Suicide' an all-embracing approach to trauma and healing.

At CheyWind Center for Trauma and Healing, Dr. carterMartinez is a Diplomate in Traumatic Stress with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. Dr. Kc is driven by a passion for working with multidisciplinary First Responders departments which are the first line of defense and response to the Crisis of Suicide, Traumatic Events, Community Trauma, and Personal Traumatic Events. In addition, Dr. Kc works with Native American or Indigenous Communities. Dr. Kc is available for confidential consultation, management consultation, and training for Administrative/Clinical First Responders, Administrative/Clinical Healthcare, Administrative/Clinical Military/Veterans, and Multidisciplinary First Responders.

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