Albany County

ALBANY COUNTY CRIME VICTIM AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE CENTER provides a comprehensive range of services to emotionally and physically injured crime victims in Albany County. Services are available to anyone of any age who has experienced a sexual assault or other interpersonal crime at any time in their life, or who has been affected by someone else’s assault. The Center provides information, referral services and criminal advocacy to crime victims. Professional staff and trained volunteers assist victims in filing claims for compensation through the New York State Office of Victim Services. Courts, law enforcement records and referrals from other agencies help identify crime victims in Albany County who qualify for our services. The Center operates a 24 hour sexual assault hotline for crisis counseling and advocacy at Albany County hospitals and police stations for victims of sexual assault. Confidential therapy for victims of interpersonal crimes, including sexual assault, domestic violence, assault and homicide, is available Monday through Friday by appointment. Friends and family members of crime victims may also schedule therapy appointments. Therapy is offered in individual, family or group sessions. The Center offers public education programs on interpersonal violence prevention for adults, children and professional groups throughout Albany County

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