NY Project Hope Provides Emotional Support to Navigate the Stress and Uncertainty of COVID-19

NY Project Hope Provides Emotional Support to Navigate the Stress and Uncertainty of COVID-19

I’m worried about being around so many people at work.

I’m scared about my child being back at school.

I’m anxious because I see COVID rates going up.

I’m stressed because I lost my job and don’t know how I’ll pay my rent.

I’m sad because I lost family members and friends due to COVID.

I’m missing the activities I had before the pandemic.

These are the types of stories I hear from folks from all over New York State and it’s stories like these that is why
NY Project Hope exists.
NY Project Hope was launched to provide emotional support to help NYS residents navigate the stress and changes caused by COVID-19. 

How does
NY Project Hope help New Yorkers? 

Our free and confidential services include:

  • An Emotional Support Helpline: Our Statewide Helpline is staffed by trained crisis counselors who help callers talk through their emotions and find resources to help them cope with the challenges of COVID. The Helpline, 1-844-863-9314, is open every day between 8 am-10 pm.
  • Online Wellness Groups: Virtual discussion groups, facilitated by trained crisis counselors, provide emotional support to help people cope with changes caused by COVID. These free, confidential groups are open to all; no registration is required.
  • Local Crisis Counseling Providers: Local NY Project Hope COVID-19-related crisis counseling is available in several NYS counties, including Broome, Dutchess, Erie, Nassau, Niagara, NYC (all boroughs), Oneida, Orange, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester.


  • Supportive Resources: NY Project Hope offers digital educational materials, a supportive social media presence, and a website filled with resources and relevant materials that folks can access anytime at www.nyprojecthope.org. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Since the pandemic began in 2020, over 72,000 people have called our Emotional Support Helpline to talk with NY Project Hope’s trained crisis counselors and over 2.5 million people have logged onto
NYProjectHope.org to find links to community resources, as well as information and coping tips. We want folks to know that they are not alone;
NY Project Hope is here for ALL New York State Residents!
NY Project Hope is a program of the NYS Office of Mental Health and is funded by FEMA.

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