What is Breath-Body-Mind?

The New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center (NYSTINRC) wants to help you learn and grow. We partner with communities to understand trauma better. With funding and support from the NYS Office of Mental Health, this virtual network connects people and organizations who care about wellness and healing. 

Breath-Body-Mind™ is a set of gentle exercises that are based on science and designed to help with stress. They can improve your mental health and wellness. And the best part? All sessions, workshops, and trainings are free for New Yorkers! 

Learn simple yet effective techniques that can help you feel better fast! Breath-Body-Mind™ teaches easy practices that calm your mind and body. Developed by doctors Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, these methods can help you feel more resilient to stress over time. 

ALL of the BBM Practice sessions, trainings, and opportunities are available to all New Yorkers and are free of charge.

Tuesday 6:00 AM for 30 minutes – Practice Sessions in English

Tuesday 12:00 PM for 30 minutes – Practice Sessions in English 

Tuesday 8:00 PM for 45 minutes – Practice Sessions in English

Thursday 12:00 PM for 30 minutes – Practice Sessions in Spanish

The information sessions help people learn about BBM options for frontline workers. In these sessions, you will try out easy breathing exercises, simple movements, and relaxation methods. They can help you feel less stressed and feel more resilient over time.

Register for an Information Session here.

The BBM Fundamentals course is designed for individuals interested in learning more about Breath-Body-Mind practices and ways to integrate them.  Anyone who is interested in BBM practices can attend the Fundamentals Course. 

This is followed by participation in 6 weeks of group BBM practice sessions taught by senior BBM teachers.

It is important to commit to all of the days and times of the training course and group BBM Practice Sessions to get the full benefits and skills necessary to teach others.

Apply for June Fundamentals Course here.

After completing the fundamentals course, participants learn how to teach the core BBM techniques to promote wellness and to assist individuals with stress-related medical conditions, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. Participants who complete all sessions and demonstrate competence in teaching BBM core techniques will receive a Breath-Body-Mind Level-1 Teaching Certification. Those needing additional support can attend weekly practice sessions to work towards certification.

Commitment to all training courses is important to get the full benefits and skills necessary to teach others. e schedule and curriculum are designed to be attended in a specific sequence, which is diffcult to recreate. Please notify the teachers as soon as possible of anticipated absences.

Register for a Teacher Training Course here.

NOTE: The BBM Fundamentals Course is a required prerequisite.


If you need extra help joining our events because of different abilities and/or disabilities, we’re here for you. Just email We want everyone to be able to take part! 

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