NYS TINRC Annual Conference | November 1-3, 2023


Looking for a wellness opportunity? BBM is offering free practice and information sessions, and free fundamentals and teacher training courses. Breath-Body-Mind™ is a program of evidence-based mind/body practices developed by integrative psychiatrists Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, that support mental health and wellness.

Frontline Worker Wellness Toolkit

Coming soon! Welcome to the Frontline Workers’ Wellness Toolkit. The Toolkit is an all-inclusive guide with an array of practical resources on the impact of stress and ways to promote well-being for the organization and the individual. We strive to support frontline workers who do so much for our communities.


The Trauma-Responsive and Resilience-Informed Care training provides foundational knowledge on the effects of toxic stress, trauma, and adversity on health and well-being. This training increases the capacity of individuals and organizations to promote trauma-responsive, equity-based practices that support holistic, sustainable health across New York.


Not sure where to begin? Consider using the Trauma-Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tool (TRUST), a free online assessment to determine where your organization might have the greatest opportunity for growth and development.