Helping Resettlement Communities Event


Compassion, care, collaboration and community were central themes of a panel discussion at the Helping Resettlement Communities Event held by The House of Refuge, MER Consulting, in partnership with the NYS Trauma-Informed Network Resource Center on Friday, April 26th, 2024. The event focused on important topics like safety, mental health, and the challenges faced by the resettlement communities in Rochester and Monroe County.

The event comes before World Refugee Day on Saturday, June 15th in Rochester, and called attention to the growing needs for support of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in New York. In 2023, nearly 10% of the total 671,721 migrants let into the US settled in New York.

A critical need identified during the event was for interpreters and language coaches to help refugees and migrants navigate things like healthcare, education, finding jobs, and housing. Culturally and trauma-informed mental health support was also recognized as crucial, as many refugees have experienced trauma, and continue to do so as they resettle in the US.

The event highlighted the need for additional systemic changes such as more inclusive legal services for resettlement communities and training for police officers to understand different cultures.

This event was just the beginning for the Rochester and Monroe County community. More events like this can help communities work together to meet the needs of refugee, asylum seeker and migrant populations. As Officer Moses Robinson, event host and community liaison officer with the Rochester Police Department, shared, “Change happens when you put the right people together.”

For more information on supporting asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in New York, click here.

If you want to help your community and host an event to discuss these issues, here’s a guide with questions for panelists and discussion facilitators.

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