Getting the Most from the New York State Trauma-Informed Network

Getting the Most from the New York State Trauma-Informed Network

Getting the Most from the New York State Trauma-Informed NetworkWelcome to the New York State Trauma Informed Network!  Our goal is to help individuals, caregivers, professionals and organizations connect with one another to help enhance trauma-responsive practice change throughout New York.  This site will be dedicated to sharing quality resources, promoting events/training opportunities, and providing access to champions throughout the state engaged in these efforts.  Here is a brief orientation to help you get started.


Why join?  Membership is free and allows members to post resources and events as well as participate in the discussion forums.  Members will also receive the site Newsletter which will highlight important aspects of trauma-informed practice implementation and new resources.  To register, simply click on the Log In/Register button on the top right. 

By completing the organization registration, your site can be listed in Organizational Directory.  This registration process includes additional details to help others throughout the state understand your organization’s area of specialty, internally curate staff members to officially post resources on behalf of the organization and allow site visitors to easily connect with you to collaborate.  To register, proceed through the regular registration process.  Once you have completed the initial password set-up, simply check the box in order to be added to the Organizational Directory.  Additional information will then be collected.


Looking for a good video clip or infographic to supplement staff development?  Interested in exploring a peer reviewed article on trauma-responsive practice related to your sector?  Search our body of resources by general topic or format type.  Individual and Organizational Members have the ability to submit additional resources for posting to enhance our shared knowledge-base.  All resources must be publicly accessible.  We look forward to see this feature grow through contributions of the NYS Trauma-Informed Network community!


Training, support, consultation, or thought partnerships all play a critical role in supporting ongoing trauma-informed practice implementation.  Search here for organizations in your region delivering needed services, support, or approaching the work from an innovative perspective, funding path, or data-collection.  Promote the ways in which your organization can support others by registering for an Organizational Membership.  Your logo and areas of focus will be shared and searchable through this feature facilitating positive connections and collaboration throughout New York.


Looking for high quality training on a specific topic or within your region? Individual and Organization Members can post registration information about upcoming training or event related to trauma-responsive capacity building.  Find an event to support your own growth or promote an event to other visitors to

Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-assessment Tool (TRUST) 

Not sure where to begin?  Interested in monitoring your implementation progress?  Consider using the free online assessment to determine where your organization might have the greatest opportunity for change.  Formerly known as the TIC-OSAT, the TRUST allows participants to survey their entire staff through an anonymous online platform and receive an individualized report based on SAMHSA’s principles of trauma-responsiveness.  This report will highlight areas of strength, opportunities for continued growth and suggestions to help sustain your implementation efforts.  A version specific to educational settings, the TRUST for Schools, will be available in early 2019.

Additional Information

We hope you find this site valuable in supporting your continued work in understanding the impact of trauma and implementing trauma-responsive practice change.  We encourage you to register and share your approaches, lessons learned, and expertise.  Questions and information can be shared through Discussion Forums so that we may all have easy access to the wealth of expertise throughout the state.  Our collective knowledge will help us all on the journey. 

If you experience any difficulty with navigating the site, please click on the Contact button.  A member of the CCSI Team will provide assistance.

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