Frontline Workers Resource Toolkit​

Resources for
Healthcare Workers

Resources for Healthcare Workers

Self-Care Plan Guidance Handout for Frontline Workers

Resources for Healthcare Workers

UB School of Social Work Self-Care Toolkit

UB School of Social Work made this toolkit for students. But, they hope it helps everyone, including professionals. It's a starting point for planning to take care of yourself, and it's good for all kinds of jobs.
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Resources for Healthcare Workers

Breath, Body and Mind

Breath-Body-Mind™ (BBM) practices help to better manage. You can use these techniques at work, home, or anywhere to feel less stressed. Doctors Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, created BBM. It supports mental health, wellness, and helps you handle stress. It's good for all jobs, both bosses and workers.
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Resources for Healthcare Workers

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation

This site is for nurses, their employers, and organizations. It's about getting healthier in six areas. They are: mental health, physical activity, nutrition, rest, quality of life, and safety.
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Resources for Healthcare Workers

Greater Good Science Center

This center has lots of resources like podcasts, articles, and activities. It helps individuals, communities, and workplaces be happier and healthier.
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More Healthcare Worker Resources

Mental Health for the Healthcare Service

Connects mental health to people working in healthcare.

Clinician Well-being Knowledge Hub

Helps address burnout for clinicians.

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare

This center supports caregivers. It also supports healthcare leaders and others. They help them to bring compassion to every healthcare experience.

Mindful Teachers

The website is all around the world. It has resources for practicing and teaching mindfulness and self-care. It is for educators and helping professionals.

Prioritizing Emotional Well-being of Health Care Workers Across the Country

Mental Health America supports mental and emotional well-being. They focus on helping healthcare workers. This is especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trauma and Resilience Informed Healthcare Workers

This is about caring and understanding trauma. It helps healthcare workers cope.

Advancing Trauma- and Resilience-Informed Health Care Systems

Trauma Informed Service Delivery

This resource has specific strategies and examples. They show what you can do and say to deliver trauma-informed services well.