Trauma Responsive and Resilience Informed Care Training (Nov. 9th, Virtual – Live, Training)

Date & Time Thursday, November 9th 9:00-5:00

Location Virtual via Zoom Zoom link will be sent to registrant.

This is a LIVE, INTERACTIVE training.

Participants MUST attend for the whole training. This training will not be recorded.

The Trauma Responsive and Resilience Informed Care Training provides foundational knowledge on the effects of toxic stress, trauma, and adversity on health and well-being. In addition, this training explores the interconnectedness of racism and trauma. Understanding that racism is trauma and should be treated as such in any trauma-responsive care framework is a key component. This training serves as a standard approach and increases the capacity of individuals and organizations to promote trauma-responsive, equity-based practices that are sustainable and support holistic health across New York.


Ensure a fundamental understanding of trauma, its prevalence, and effects Provide strategies and interventions to build effective and sustainable TIC practices and environments Ensure an understanding of how racial trauma, or race-based traumatic stress, is the cumulative effects of racism on an individual’s mental and physical health. Promote strategies to address social determinants of health in order to reduce inequities and disparities at individual and systemic levels Encourage organizations to build internal capacity that sustains trauma-responsive care and the ability to train their workforce