NYSCASA: Embodied Organizations: Using Somatics & Liberatory Frameworks to Mitigate Vicarious Trauma & Burnout

This 90 minute learning session will explore new frameworks for mitigating vicarious trauma and burnout, with an emphasis on how liberatory and somatic practices can shape a new foundation for our work.

Participants will be able to identify common principles and practices of an embodied organization, describe ways embodiment–collective, organizational, and individual– influences the impact of our work, and learn strategies for integrating theory into practice. NYS-based victim services administrators, staff, volunteers, administrators and other folks working with survivors are invited to participate in this training and opportunity for peer sharing.

Accessibility: The meetings will be conducted in spoken English. Please indicate in the registration form or by email (info@nyscasa.org) if you require language interpretation and/or closed captioning. Please provide this information at least 3 business days prior to the start of the session.