Breath-Body-Mind Practice Sessions 2024

Explore breathing, relaxation, and gentle movement techniques during our Breath-Body-Mind™ practice sessions.

You can join these virtual sessions from work, at home, or any comfortable location. They help reduce stress, give your body a chance to reset, and better prepare you for whatever your day may bring.

Breath-Body-Mind™ practice sessions are available to all New Yorkers free of charge, thanks to the NYS Office of Mental Health.

Practice Sessions offered:

·         Tuesday 6:00am for 30 minutes (English)

·         Tuesday 12:00pm for 30 minutes (English)

·         Tuesday 8:00pm for 45 minutes (English)

Each practice session has 100 spots available. If you need any reasonable accommodations, please email us at

Breath-Body-Mind™ practice sessions are an evidence-based way to support mental health. The program was created by psychiatrists Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD.

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