Breath-Body-Mind Information Session

The New York State Trauma Informed Network and Resource Center (NYS TINRC) which is funded by OMH, is partnering with the Breath-Body-MindTM Foundation to host free, virtual Breath-Body-MindTM (BBM) practice sessions and training for frontline staff, organizations, and communities throughout 2024. Breath-Body-Mind™ (BBM), is a program of evidence-based, mind/body practices developed by integrative psychiatrists Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, which support mental health and wellness.

The focus of these sessions is to support organization leaders and administrators in building engagement and participation of Frontline Workers. 

 The session will provide information on 2024 offerings and leaders will learn about simple, but powerful breathing exercises, gentle movement and relaxation in order to quickly reduce stress and increase resilience. 

 The session ends with Q & A and discussion.

 BBM and CCSI are committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with different abilities and/or disabilities during all provided programming. If you require accommodations for virtual or in person events, please contact 

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