Assessment and Intervention of Sex-Trafficking: A Guide for Working Professionals

260 E. Main St
Rochester, NY 14604

Believe it or not, if a hairstylist has been practicing longer than a year, a victim of sex trafficking has probably walked through their salon doors. If they’re walking into our salons, where else do you think they are?

Miss Julie’s School of Beauty provides a permanent means of escape for trafficking survivors through cosmetology training and employment. Julie has shared her expertise on sex-trafficking to provide training to a variety of professionals across multiple settings including universities, law enforcement, medical providers, and social service agencies.

Her presentations are informative, dynamic, and full of strategies to address and support the victims of sex-trafficking.

Sex trafficking is a pervasive and complex issue affecting individuals worldwide. This training will equip working professionals and leaders with the knowledge and skills to understand, assess, and intervene with cases of sex-trafficking within their communities.

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