Breath-Body-Mind™: Learn Stress Relief


Breath-Body-Mind™ (BBM) classes teach meditations that help us relax our minds and bodies. They were created by doctors Richard P. Brown, MD, and Patricia Gerbarg, MD. These classes can teach us ways to deal with stress and anxiety so we can feel better. These techniques can teach us to be more aware of our feelings and handle tough situations.

BBM is a collection of mind-body techniques and practices. They can support mental health and wellness through movements, breathing, and meditation.

Where can I practice BBM?

You can practice BBM wherever you feel safe and comfortable. BBM sessions are virtual and can be practiced at work, home, or school. You have the option to sit or stand during BBM classes.

BBM Practice Examples

Body Tapping

 Body tapping is a simple movement exercise that can be practiced by sitting down or standing up. Alongside upbeat music, we tap different areas of our bodies for a few seconds each time. We move up and down, starting with our necks and shoulders and ending with our ankles. Together, we are participating in a tapping dance, moving from one side of the body to the other with the music. Body tapping is a simple way to practice movement and get blood flowing.

Guided Breathing

 Guided breathing can help us calm down our nervous systems and relax quickly. Many guided breathing techniques are explored in BBM practice sessions. One involves breathing in when we hear a sound and letting it go when we listen to it again. This helps us regulate our breathing and maintain a steady pace.

Visualization Meditation

Following our imagination can help us get into a better state of mind. Through  visualization, we can close our eyes and notice the sensations in our bodies. Perhaps we also feel the depth of our breath. We can reflect the pace of our thinking or how our bodies are planted into our environment. We can imagine how energy is moving through us and around us. This empowering and energizing practice gives us a moment to pause and helps us relieve stress quickly.

These techniques are created with all abilities in mind, and practices can be modified in any way. If any participant needs extra help because of different abilities and/or disabilities, email for assistance before your practice session.

All New Yorkers can participate in BBM Practice Sessions free of charge. Practice sessions in English happen every Tuesday at 6 am, 12 pm, and 8 pm. Every Thursday, Practice Sessions in Spanish happen at 12pm. Visit Breath-Body-Mind on our website to get started!

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