Welcome to the NYS TINRC

The NYS TINRC aims to uplift the principles of trauma-informed care and create a place for learning, knowledge sharing, and resource and event promotion around trauma-informed work and wellness practices.

What are Trauma-Informed Care Principles?


The NYS TINRC fosters a welcoming space for everyone to feel physically and
psychologically safe.


The NYS TINRC makes and communicates decisions transparently to help build and maintain relationships and trust among each other.


The NYS TINRC strives to make decisions through a supportive and collaborative process.


The NYS TINRC works to create space that promotes authentic and strength-based participation.

Peer Support

The NYS TINRC grows through its community to share and learn from each other’s experiences.


Biases, stereotypes, and historical trauma are recognized and addressed by NYS TINRC with compassion.

Trauma intersects with race, age, history, culture, language, & more. Taking an intersectional approach to trauma-responsive practices is essential to providing a safe,
trustworthy, and collaborative environment.

About the Network


In 2016, the New York State Office of Mental Health and Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI) convened trauma-informed care champions from around the state to connect and collaborate. After that extraordinary day, the message was clear: We can accelerate trauma-responsive practice change efforts by being better connected to one another.

Through funding and support from the NYS Office of Mental Health, CCSI, Inc. is pleased to launch this virtual network to strengthen resources, collaboration, and communication among individuals and agencies implementing equity-focused, trauma-responsive practices.

The NYS Trauma-Informed Network’s design, content, and focus were influenced by cross-sector collaborations of Trauma-Informed thought leaders across New York. Our collective vision is that the site will allow individuals and organizations to connect to one another, share training or event information, and easily obtain resources to become more trauma-responsive and equity-driven.

traumainformedny.org supports all New Yorkers on the journey to becoming more trauma-informed. This statewide network shapes and accelerates trauma-responsive activity across New York State, supporting a statewide System of Care.


NYS TINRC’s network and staff members aim to develop intentional spaces for diverse voices actively engaged in trauma-informed work through welcoming events and free resources. Each staff member at NYS TINRC is committed to ensuring that every voice is heard and elevated.

TINRC Advisory Counsil

NYS TINRC’s Advisory Council guides and directs the network’s activities and priorities, including planning for quarterly and annual meetings. Each Advisory Council member is unwavering in their commitment to trauma-informed and equity-centered principles and practices, both personally and professionally. The Advisory Council also prioritizes creating space for collaboration and sharing stories and concepts that reflect the network’s mission, vision, and values.

Our Vision

We envision a New York State where all people and their communities can attain wellness and resiliency, and systems have the tools to support healing from toxic stress and trauma.

Our Mission

The New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center promotes learning, growing, and the deepening of knowledge. It creates partnerships, builds communities, and furthers the understanding of trauma, trauma-responsive practices, wellness, and well-being.

We can accelerate trauma-responsive practice change efforts by being better connected to one another.

This website allows individuals and organizations to connect, share information, and easily obtain resources to enhance their work in becoming more trauma-responsive and equity-driven.

About CCSI

For over 25 years, CCSI has partnered with organizations across NYS to provide specialized management services and implementation support to deliver innovative, high-quality behavioral health and human services resources.

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